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Mother Garden Wooden Toys Toaster Breakfast 木制玩具早餐烤面包机
SKU : AB1044
Mother Garden Wooden Toys Toaster Breakfast 木制玩具早餐烤面包机

Hi! Good morning!
Let your children to make a play breakfast or tea snack with this wooden pop up function toaster set.
Material: Wooden
Size: Toaster ~ 7cm*15cm*12.5cm (length * width * height)
Plate ~ diameter 13cm, cup ~ 5.2cm*6cm (diameter*height)
Weight: 2kg
Content: Toaster with handle, bread x 2, spoon x2, fork x2, plates x2, teapots, cups x2, original flavor yogurt, fruit yogurt, margarine, butter knife, milk, cocoa, sausage, boiled egg, lettuce, grapefruit , strawberry

材質: 木製
尺寸: 烤麵包機 ~寬15.5 x 高12 x 深6.3cm
盤子~ 直徑13cm
杯子~直徑5.2 x 高6cm
內容物: 麵包機, 面包2片, 湯匙, 叉子, 碟子, 茶壺, 杯子, 原味優酪乳, 果優酪乳, 牛油, 奶油刀, 牛奶, 可可粉, 香腸, 水煮蛋, 萵苣, 葡萄柚片, 草莓

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